Who We Are

Phoenix Philosophies, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that has a vision of creating both low income permanent housing and possible home ownership on a five (5) year plan.

            This foundation will acquire tax delinquent and neglected one to four family properties primarily in the South, West and Southwest areas of the City of Syracuse. Phoenix Philosophies, Inc. will utilize Block Grants and other HUD, Syracuse City, Onondaga County, New York State and Federal grant programs, as well as private and public donations to renovate the properties.

With Eileen Carr’s background in social welfare issues, Donna Wilmot’s experience in homeless issues and Gordon Stowell’s entrepreneurial background which includes real estate acquisition, sales and management, Phoenix Philosophies was a culmination of our experience and beliefs to create a better community. Hence the slogan:


The ideas from Gordon came from his heart for the Southside where he grew up and felt that there needed to be a shift back into the ideology of “community” and “neighborhood” instead of vacant, blighted areas filled with crime, hopelessness and despair. Gordon has always had a heart for the underdog and has anonymously helped countless people in and through the businesses he has owned. Driving down Syracuse City streets and seeing the vacant buildings that were grand structures in their day inspired him to entertain the thought of revitalizing these areas and the people who inhabit them.

Gordon talked to Eileen Carr who has a heart for the underdog as well. Eileen has worked in human services and saw the possibility of helping people have a place. Not only a place in their own homes, but a place in the community they live in. Many times low income people are invisible, falling through the cracks in services that leaves them in sub-standard housing. Eileen wants to give these people their dignity back by assisting them in decent, affordable, permanent housing. 

Donna Wilmot has experience in homeless issues and wanted to be a part of Phoenix Philosophies, Inc. She helped develop the program regarding training of vulnerable populations. The training program is in addition to addressing housing issues for low income people.  This program will utilize economically disadvantaged youths, recent non-violent parolees, individuals emerging from detoxification programs and victims of abusive situations and place them in a position to learn a trade or skills in the construction field while renovating our properties. This is the essence of human services.

Both Eileen and Gordon are members of the Syracuse City Common Council Homeless and Housing Vulnerable Taskforce and sit on the Affordable Housing Committee. They are involved in the continuum of care for the homeless and housing vulnerable in the City of Syracuse.